What We Provide Our Clients

Valentis delivers to our clients a risk management based methodology that is designed to protect client interests and priorities. Our specialization in a risk focused approach starts with our own risk management process designed to assess and mitigate exposure to risk. Valentis believes that the failure to overcome shortfalls and gaps with security posture and operations can expose weaknesses as well as vulnerabilities.

We seek to provide our clients a defined approach that includes risk mitigation, defense and deterrence against criminal and terrorist acts, incident report management,  consulting, and a focus on reducing our clients’ exposure to potential liability. 

Professional development is vital to how we deliver results for clients. We believe that superior training creates superior results. Security personnel who are trained well will perform well in a real-world scenario, while poorly trained personnel will perform poorly. Nobody ever just rises to the occasion; everyone defaults to their lowest level of training.

It will be an absolute privilege to assist you with any of your security and safety needs, and we ask that you reach out to us to learn how we can help! Call us today. 

Value Delivered To Our Clients

  • Professional Development defines a result delivered to the client
  • Risk Management provides us the ability to manage risk without creating negative impact
  • Professionalism is the presentation of a competent security team and not an illusion of one. It is a representation of the client as an extension of their own core values. 
  • Strength in Unity is about building community and public relationships