High Risk Protective Service

The Valentis Special Operations Team supports clients, partners, and stakeholders with a selection of security professionals who are capable of being deployed to unique environments or engage in sensitive scenarios. The Special Operations Team is comprised of three groups serving different functions: Special Response Team (SRT), Protective Force Team, and Canine Services.  

The SRT operational focus includes, but not limited to Executive/Personal Protection, secured transportation of high value freight, unstable environments, and other sensitive, specialized requests. The Protective Force Team provides protective measures at Critical Infrastructure and other assets for the United States Federal Government and commercial clients. Special Operations Team personnel are trained and operate to respond to or defend against an organized adversary. 

Personnel train and drill on a multitude of evolutions designed to maintain continuous mission readiness. This training includes Personal Protective Operations; Small Unit Tactics; Counterassault; Close Quarter Battle; Less Lethal Crowd Control & Management; Counterterrorism; Principal Recovery; Dynamic Entry; Combat Casualty Care; and other evolutions as needed for their Area Of Responsibility. Personnel are also required to maintain continuous physical fitness and firearm proficiency standards as well as the training requirements. 

Canine Explosive Detection

Valentis canine explosive detection services are used to augment both SRT and Force Protection Unit operations, our uniformed security personnel during special events/mass gathering, to assist law enforcement stakeholders when there are gaps or shortfalls in counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IED) resources, and for target hardening client assets. The canines are certified to indicating various explosive odors, both military and civilian constructed explosive devices. Canines are trained on 100% pure explosive odors to detect specifically on the odor of target material. Canines can alert on all weight of "target" materials, located inside, outside, and vehicle placed explosives. Valentis canines are dual trained to perform patrol functions. The patrol is used as a deterrence when there are unstable environments such as large and/or potentially violent crowds. 

Our canine operation is overseen by a former United States Department of State (DoS) working Canine Master Trainer/Kennel Master and former canine law enforcement officer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

To learn more about how our Special Operations Team can assist, give us a call.